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It's all about the Family


Families make the mafia world go round. Game players who belong to a family enjoy both the protection that comes from the rest of the gangster family as well as the money brought in through various crimes and underground activities.

In an multiplayer RPG where survival of the fittest is the number one rule, using a family as a strategy to keep yourself alive and move up the gaming ranks to that all mighty Godfather position.

Young mobsters often find they can fall easy prey to the bigger, more aggressive families, who may the ability to wipe-out whole groups of gangsters with one mighty swing of the arm. Sometimes the best way to protect yourself and your assets from bigger groups, is to become a member of them yourself.

Once you have moved up the gaming ranks enough, you too will also have your own chance to own and manage a gangster family in your chosen city. For the more dedicated game players, running a family is a big job, but the rewards in status, wealth and protection it provides are stunning. Imagine having 200 other gangsters working for you, running their own crime rings and paying a percentage to your own family bank account on a weekly basis.
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