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Player Profile > Beautifly

 Name:  Beautifly
 Gender:  Female
 Honour Points:  203
You stopped a mail van containing all sorts of goodies.
You sell the contents and the truck for $542,149
You also keep your stuff.
On the way back home you find 2 burned-out cars and four dead guys.
These guys had fought each other and ALL died in the gunfight.
They left behind a nice stash of 1969 bullets!

Theres a Festival Tonight in the Middle of Town.
You both get the great idea to break into the local bank while everyone else is getting drunk and having a good time.
You climb onto the bank roof using the fire escape
Down in the bank it is very dark.
You stand on a power cable and do yourself some damage!
The leader is electrocuted for 11 units of blood.
Watch where you stand!
You limp out with some pain and $553,400 you stole!
You kept all your stuff, too!

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