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Player Profile > Borrachera

 Name:  Borrachera
 Gender:  Female
 Honour Points:  1,445
Redchi, my sweet <3

Biggest thanks to Liutc, Utsuro, Ashio, Maximiliano, Redchi <3, Klotho, Kingsize, Perotnik, Bluntmachete, Cocoiah, Nat, Hello, Yolo, Whiteranger, Gigimuschi, Bzez, Coolbust, Hunters, Roxxy for the great help


[23:22:11] <07~Caelius> !kill monday
[23:22:11] <04&wBOT> 07monday was at home taking a little nap as you pulled up outside their house...
[23:22:12] <04&wBOT> 07monday died from the wounds you have inflicted. He's swimming with the fishes now.
[23:22:12] <04&wBOT> 07monday did not try to strike back.

my hero


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