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Player Profile > Brando

 Name:  Brando
 Gender:  Male
 Honour Points:  0
I\'m not the boss of Omerta, I am the coffee-maker.

That means I see my role as \'making sure things work well overall\'

Currently I am responsible for the development team (devs) publicity and promotion and management.

This means that I don\'t have a lot of free time!

However I like to interact in the forum and via PM.

Some notes about interaction:

Please KEEP IT SHORT if you want a quick reply!
Please *report bugs via #help or the ticket system or
Please * don\'t flame, troll use racism or other forms of hate-abuse in our forums*
Please don\'t *showboat* (grand opinion based essays) or *bandstand* (Just showing off and making a lot of noise) in the forums your posts will just be deleted.

Help us to make Omerta just as you would like it to be! - Pinky Show - Thirteen1 - online games review magazine - this is produced by ex-Omerta staff from the office next door to our Hull, UK office. Please read it and tell your friends! - Amnesty International

I like these things and recommend them to you.

I am happy to respond to enquiries about the game and will do my best to answer any emails sent to be patient though as I may have many to get through...

Despite what some people say, I am passionate about keeping Omerta free-to-play and motivated by *sustainability* more than anything else. I love this game!

Please don\'t flame crew on IRC or in the forums - be tolerant and patient. We are few and you are many!

Brando <3 Omerta!

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