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Hitlist killer

Of course you will still see your friends, but no one else will.

03-08-2012 23:56:33 samagono <3

24-04-2016 09:25:16 marazzino <3

25-04-2016 21:05:48 difference <3

26-04-2016 16:03:48 Resistance <3

04-05-2016 05:45:48 Salvation <3

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From: System
Type: Group Crime
Sent: 03-May @ 21:11:30
You stopped a truck and the occupant, a farmer with an incomprehensible accent, shrugged and gave you the keys.

The truck is full of locally-grown, organic potatoes!

The truck was worth some cash and you sold it and the potatoes for $400,670.

There was a stash of narcotics hidden amongst the produce!

You scored:

1x glue

Not a bad haul for an hour's work in the sunshine!

You kept your car, gun and bullets.

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