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Player Profile > Mcgee

 Name:  Mcgee
 Gender:  Male
 Honour Points:  261
"Pussy Lips"

~mcgee @ #Amityville
Amityville Crime Family

Invites for N.Y. residents with Irish and/or Italian descent only.
No exceptions.
None around or willing? Oh well fuck my pooper it was fun.
Pussy lips SHUT about family gameplay to outsiders and Omerta Beyond News.
Permission granted by Don Barafranca.
Hanging out with other Psychopaths down the street until renovations are done.
Not a problem getting iced as a Psychopath.



Marital Status: Couldn't even take care of a hamster

(Anybody who puts this much crap on a pretend mafia game profile.....)
Definitely was born in the attic of Amityville

more profile space pleeasssy

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