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Player Profile > Rousseau

 Name:  Rousseau
 Gender:  Male
 Honour Points:  1,232
Maybe Someday The Sun Borns For Us

~#Turkuz ~#Jannisary

[10:49:44] <Trza[afk]> if dont work whit prophercy that he will speak whit you
[10:49:47] <Trza[afk]> they blackmail me
[10:50:09] <Trza[afk]> i dont want war whit you Gkn
[10:50:12] <Trza[afk]> i got other problems
[10:50:19] <Trza[afk]> but if it needs i can fight
[10:50:22] <Trza[afk]> you must tell me
[10:50:23] <Gkn> i love kuro u know bro
[10:50:27] <Gkn> okey okey
[10:50:28] <Trza[afk]> will we make piece or no ?
[10:50:36] <Trza[afk]> i say we make piece

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