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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Bbd

 In Memoriam: Bbd   



 2:48 am 

When Bbd walked out of the store, he spotted two guys in striped black suits.

Bbd noticed these two right away – something just plain wrong about them, so he kept his wits about him as he headed on down the street.

Bbd's suspicions were confirmed after a few paces – these guys were following him.

Bbd broke into a run but turned into the wrong alley.

He turned 'round too late. The two guys were standing there, weapons cocked.

"Any last requests?" asked one of the wise guys.

"Errm… how about you 'don't shoot me'" said Bbd with a smile.

And that's how he died, with a smile on his face.

Bbd will be remembered.

In Memoriam: RIP: Bbd

 By 3.51Melis 


 11:22 am 

Rihhh: D

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