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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Kloudboss

 In Memoriam: Kloudboss   



 8:16 am 

Kloudboss was visiting his uncle in the respiratory unit of the local hospital, when he heard a nurse scream in the corridor outside.

"One moment, uncle, I will see what the commotion is." Kloudboss opened the door to see two men in black suits.

He turned back, just in time to see a figure behind his uncle's curtain screen.

"You are coming with us!" grunted one of the guys. The other held a gun to poor Kloudboss's uncle's head.

What would any good nephew do? Kloudboss went along quietly.

Kloudboss's corpse was found the next day by the local police. Bullets in his belly and head and a garland of flowers on his chest

In Memoriam: RIP: Kloudboss

 By 3.52Pokkin 


 9:50 am 

Ws any1?

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