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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Spaventoso

 In Memoriam: Spaventoso   



 18:26 pm 

It had been a long, hard day of crime and heists, and Spaventoso was pretty desperate to get home - so desperate, in fact, that he decided to take a shortcut through a poorly-lit back alleyway.

Spaventoso didn't hear the footsteps quickening behind him, but he did feel the blunt snub of a Tommy gun barrel prodding into his back.

A few seconds later Spaventoso felt nothing, ever again.

In Memoriam: RIP: Spaventoso

 By 4.0Herbalist 


 18:33 pm 

rip m8! WS wanted !

 By 4.0Gana 


 18:33 pm 

Spaventoso failed to kill you but did some damage, you hit back and killed Spaventoso

Dont know why but RIP

 By 4.0Cvucs 


 18:41 pm 

hahaha Nice bf Gana

 By 4.0Costello 


 18:51 pm 


 By 4.0Skybert 


 18:54 pm 

nice bf gana

 By 4.0Jeezy 


 19:11 pm 

rip dude

 By 4.0Oscarito 


 19:14 pm 

Haha faill. nice bf

 By 4.0Boe 


 19:35 pm 


 By 4.0Baradox 


 20:00 pm 

lol soldier vs asso and 13 k bf and soldier dies ?

Nice bf training Gana

 By 4.0Blaszczykski 


 20:15 pm 

poker = Big Problems rih !

 By 4.0Krabby 


 22:38 pm 

R.i.p. Bro i need dc

 By 4.0Scarecrow 


 23:14 pm 

Rip Noobie nice fail

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