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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Darbee

 In Memoriam: Darbee   



 17:47 pm 

Darbee was standing in the shop buying some lozenges, when he saw a man looking at him from outside.

Darbee exited the shop chewing a nice fruit sweet.

The man followed Darbee. Aware that he was being followed, Darbee had his hand on the barrel of his gun.

Around the corner he went, into an alleyway.

He wanted to turn and shoot when he saw the pinless grenade at his feet… "Aww shi…"

Darbee is no more. Rest in pieces, Darbee.

In Memoriam: RIP: Darbee

 By 4.0Duque 


 17:48 pm 

And stay 6 feet under!
Piece of shit!

 By 4.0Pandaemonium 


 18:09 pm 

RIH scammer

 By 4.0Chenzhen 


 18:10 pm 

 By 4.0Zino 


 18:11 pm 

RIH sondarbe. yavsak herif

 By 4.0Efecan 


 19:15 pm 

Serefsizzzzzz Seni Oyunda Olsa Dürüstlük Delikanl?l?k Herzaman ?yidir Serefsiz Serefinle Ölmedin Sen

 By 4.0Victarion 


 19:48 pm 

Good riddance

 By 4.0Bygral 


 17:20 pm 

rih adi herifff

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