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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Myria

 In Memoriam: Myria   



 15:25 pm 

It's late and Myria is tired. All they can think of is is warm, soft bed. So they step into their bed and falls asleep. But after a couple of hours they suddenly wake up. Did they hear a noise downstairs? Silently they step out of bed, grabs their gun and walks down. In the light of the moon, shining through the window, they see a huge sawed off pointing at their head. And then there's darkness...

In Memoriam: RIP: Myria

 By 4.01Tsoutsouni 


 15:28 pm 


 By 4.01Minerva 


 15:28 pm 

Rip again

 By 4.01Myria 


 15:36 pm 

[17:45:01] <@M[movie]> haha 4 game now with same
[17:45:08] <@Zoil> he must hate u
[17:45:16] <@M[movie]> he wants to get his money back ;x
[17:45:24] <@Zoil> pair in 5 ^^
[17:45:27] <@M[movie]> \o/
[17:45:29] <@M[movie]> Zoil
[17:45:32] <@M[movie]> now for sure im dead
[17:45:40] <@Zoil> lol
[17:45:49] <@M[movie]> Myria Three Of A Kind $4,526,940

assasin vs soldier - great balls :")

You have witnessed Dak kill Myria To auction this witness statement use the following id: 3633

 By 4.01Star 


 15:37 pm 

RIP <3333333

 By 4.01Hotcold 


 16:11 pm 

ante pali RIP

 By 4.01Jennifer 


 16:13 pm 


 By 4.01Shaqdiesel 


 16:40 pm 


 By 4.01Zzzoil 


 17:09 pm 

Dak, u just gave me a reason to start ranking again!
I will kill you! Wait and see

Rest in peace myria 48hours until more poker with you..

 By 4.01Irregular 


 17:43 pm 


 By 4.01Teriyakisaus 


 17:48 pm 

rip honey

 By 4.01Shakethat 


 17:49 pm 

Rip :*

 By 4.01Froiani 


 18:22 pm 

RIP Sweet Myria!

 By 4.01Satoshi 


 18:56 pm 

Rip baby :*

 By 4.01Donevskey 


 21:54 pm 

rip :/

 By 4.01Oratore 


 13:29 pm 

Rip mommy <3

 By 4.01Juga 


 14:29 pm 

RIP again
I just saw your ingame msg and I could not answer

 By 4.01Remire 


 15:33 pm 



 By 4.01Steiner 


 17:46 pm 


 By 4.01Genesee 


 18:42 pm 

Rip evilest girl I ever met in all of Omerta

 By 4.01Humpalot 


 9:42 am 


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