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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Anak

 In Memoriam: Anak   



 15:26 pm 

Anak was representing his family in a meeting between him and the Don of a family, in order to discuss a disagreement over booze-selling turf.

The rival Don offered Anak's family five million dollars in cash if they would avoid a war and share the territory.

Anak accepted the deal.

The rival Don said Anak could have the money 'right away'.

Two henchmen came up behind Anak and grabbed him, throwing him into a hole in the ground.

When Anak looked up he saw his end, for a moment, as five million bucks in dimes came raining out of a huge hopper.

Anak barely had time to scream. He was mashed to a pulp.

In Memoriam: RIP: Anak

 By 4.01Zahard 


 15:34 pm 

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