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Dead Players > Anisina: Suavemente

 Anisina: Suavemente   



 0:05 am 

When Suavemente walked out of the store, he spotted two guys in striped black suits.

Suavemente noticed these two right away � something just plain wrong about them, so he kept his wits about him as he headed on down the street.

Suavemente's suspicions were confirmed after a few paces � these guys were following him.

Suavemente broke into a run but turned into the wrong alley.

He turned 'round too late. The two guys were standing there, weapons cocked.

"Any last requests?" asked one of the wise guys.

"Errm� how about you 'don't shoot me'" said Suavemente with a smile.

And that's how he died, with a smile on his face.

Suavemente will be remembered.

Anisina: RIP: Suavemente

 By 4.10Paus 


 0:12 am 

RIH Noob!!

 By 4.10Archy 


 0:13 am 


 By 4.10Pagliachi 


 0:20 am 

RIH mofo!

 By 4.10Lampje 


 6:21 am 


 By 4.10Diso 


 17:35 pm 


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