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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Lestrange

 In Memoriam: Lestrange   



 20:25 pm 

Lestrange was representing his family in a meeting between him and the Don of a family, in order to discuss a disagreement over booze-selling turf.

The rival Don offered Lestrange's family five million dollars in cash if they would avoid a war and share the territory.

Lestrange accepted the deal.

The rival Don said Lestrange could have the money �right away�.

Two henchmen came up behind Lestrange and grabbed him, throwing him into a hole in the ground.

When Lestrange looked up he saw his end, for a moment, as five million bucks in dimes came raining out of a huge hopper.

Lestrange barely had time to scream. He was mashed to a pulp.

In Memoriam: RIP: Lestrange

 By 4.4Jans 


 20:31 pm 

need ws asap !!

rip again

 By 4.4Phyllobates 


 20:34 pm 

RIp bro, need ws!

 By 4.4Muliman 


 20:39 pm 

Rip kanka
need ws!!

 By 4.4Metastases 


 20:45 pm 

RIP Amk.!

 By 4.4Elindio 


 20:53 pm 


 By 4.4Tosense 


 21:07 pm 


 By 4.4Elindio 


 21:59 pm 

You have witnessed Emlin kill Lestrange To auction this witness statement use the following id: 16

 By 4.4Ritua 


 22:01 pm 

rip m8!!!

 By 4.4Bogota 


 22:18 pm 

rip bro

 By 4.4Starkoo 


 7:12 am 


 By 4.4Alegria 


 19:44 pm 

RIP sweety

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