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Dead Players > In Memory: Mhammad

 In Memory: Mhammad   



 16:10 pm 

Mhammad was relaxing; in nice, hot warm bathwater.

He'd had a good day collecting protection money for the family.

Mhammad closed his eyes for a moment, but that moment was all it took.

He only briefly saw the hand that held the still-plugged-in eclectic heater above the water and saw a guy who he did not recognise.

"Let�s see how hot you like your bathwater Mhammad!"

Then the electric fire dropped into the bathtub and Mhammad splashed about noisily in the water for a few seconds

Too bad, Mhammad.

Next time don't... oops sorry, there won't *be* a next time!

In Memory: RIP: Mhammad

 By 4.4Xsimurgx 


 16:13 pm 

Rip kanka

 By 4.4Borrachera 


 10:23 am 

RIP dear

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