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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Razna

 In Memoriam: Razna   



 7:01 am 

Razna took a short break from business to dine at the �Restaurante Cosa Nostra�

He was eating the tasty baked ravioli at his favourite table, when suddenly a man in a black coat appeared Maitre d�hotel�s table by the entrance, seemingly looking for someone.

The man in the black coat scanned room, then rested finally on Razna.

He smiled and walked directly over, extending a hand. Razna was about to stand and offer his as the black-coat man swiftly pulled a Mauser pistol.

Two shots: one to the heart and one to the head.

Razna slumped forwards with the fading screams of diners all around his dying form.

In Memoriam: RIP: Razna

 By 4.6Gino 


 7:20 am 

:/ rip

 By 4.6Sawyer 


 9:04 am 


 By 4.6Gina 


 9:22 am 


 By 4.6Tatar 


 19:44 pm 

Rest in Peace

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