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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Eli

 In Memoriam: Eli   



 11:37 am 

Eli took a short break from business to dine at the 'Restaurante Cosa Nostra'

He was eating the tasty baked ravioli at his favourite table, when suddenly a man in a black coat appeared Maitre d'hotel's table by the entrance, seemingly looking for someone.

The man in the black coat scanned room, then rested finally on Eli.

He smiled and walked directly over, extending a hand. Eli was about to stand and offer his as the black-coat man swiftly pulled a Mauser pistol.

Two shots: one to the heart and one to the head.

Eli slumped forwards with the fading screams of diners all around his dying form.

In Memoriam: RIP: Eli

 By 3.51Munchkin 


 11:39 am 

Rip srce

 By 3.51Dako 


 11:42 am 


 By 3.51Delicoban 


 11:43 am 


 By 3.51Elitmen 


 11:46 am 

rip bro

 By 3.51Ondine 


 11:46 am 

rip baby

 By 3.51Demi 


 11:47 am 

sorry to see this rip hun

 By 3.51Touchdown 


 11:48 am 

rip Mura

 By 3.51Nicole 


 11:50 am 

Rip baby

 By 3.51Yattara 


 11:50 am 


 By 3.51Robert 


 11:52 am 


 By 3.51Yourself 


 11:55 am 

Pocivaj v miru

 By 3.51Gummybear 


 11:59 am 

Rip :\'(

 By 3.51Shelby 


 12:12 pm 

Awww RIP dear

 By 3.51Richie 


 12:19 pm 

rip bro sad to see you here :/

 By 3.51Mumford 


 12:19 pm 

Rip mate

 By 3.51Ivan 


 12:20 pm 

Rip faggie

 By 3.51Einsteinium 


 12:29 pm 

RIP Mura!

 By 3.51Sunwithagun 


 12:30 pm 

Well this was quick

 By 3.51Oo 


 12:30 pm 

RIP koza who did this?
!hugs !diaper

 By 3.51Kanuni 


 12:31 pm 

RIP firslady

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