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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Jacqueline

 In Memoriam: Jacqueline    



 10:47 am 

When Jacqueline walked out of the store, they recognised 2 guys in striped/black suits.
Jacqueline already noticed their suspisious behaviour and decided to keep an eye on them.
When Jacqueline confirmed that the 2 guys were following them.
Jacqueline started to run,
They ran themselves stuck in an alley.
When the men jumped around the corner a war had begun.
Shots everywhere.
The smoke pulled away, what the 2 men found was a filtrated body bleeding on the ground.
Jacqueline had been wasted.

In Memoriam: RIP: Jacqueline

 By 3.51Redbc 


 10:58 am 


 By 3.51Crimewave 


 11:00 am 

too much money in the pocket sexy rip

 By 3.51Schukru 


 11:01 am 


 By 3.51Kartalizma 


 11:22 am 

classic kezban... rip

 By 3.51Gaines 


 12:17 pm 

need ws

 By 3.51Kanuni 


 12:35 pm 


 By 3.51Rahl 


 12:38 pm 


 By 3.51Bdback 


 12:42 pm 

R.i.p ws wandet 3,000,000

 By 3.51Bermuda 


 12:55 pm 

rip o kadar parayla gezersen sikarlar moruk yaw :s

 By 3.51Torogladio 


 13:16 pm 

Ahhh be rip ws need...

 By 3.51Robb 


 14:01 pm 

Rip ws need $$$$$$

 By 3.51Cir 


 14:31 pm 


 By 3.51Zlatan 


 15:09 pm 


 By 3.51Deny 


 15:24 pm 


ws need /q bluecollar

 By 3.51Faster 


 15:45 pm 

Ayık olduk ama sen ayık olamadın moruk rip

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