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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Solemen

 In Memoriam: Solemen   



 23:53 pm 

The last five minutes of Solemen's life went as follows:

"Ok, Solemen, this is the last one, after this you really need to get home.." said fat bob the Barman.

Bob handed over one last double scotch. Solemen was bleary-eyed drunk and could not see everything clearly any more.

"Now beat it, buddy!" said Bob. "I've got to clean the place."

SLAM! The door closed right behind Solemen. He stood alone on the moonlit sidewalk. Swaying gently, by himself, sucking in night air, cold crisp and at last devoid of blue cigar-smoke.

Solemen looked up and down the street for his car. Being so drunk, and not able to walk straight, it was a hard job finding the car which fitted his keys. Finally the car all the way in the back of parking place was the right one.

Solemen sat down in the drivers' seat – then noticed a dark form next to him.

"Hey! Who are you?" *hic* "What are you doing in my...".

Solemen was found slumped behind the wheel of his car the following morning, dead as a dodo.

In Memoriam: RIP: Solemen

 By 3.51Cir 


 23:57 pm 

rih noob !!!

 By 3.51Pumpadzija 


 0:04 am 

I\'m sad, and you know it...

 By 3.51Xx 


 0:11 am 

RIP - can\'t help but feel partial for this. sad you chose this way o/

 By 3.51Gummybear 


 0:11 am 

Rip søten min.
Du e ein kjempe dust.... ._.

 By 3.51Keep 


 0:34 am 

rip mate

 By 3.51Mental 


 0:38 am 


 By 3.51Nelsomnia 


 1:07 am 

Rip bro!

 By 3.51Rawls 


 6:00 am 


 By 3.51Miya 


 6:32 am 


 By 3.51Kimi 


 6:44 am 

Not the way to solutions... but Rip.

 By 3.51Godric 


 7:00 am 

rip m8

 By 3.51Moth 


 7:32 am 


 By 3.51Deny 


 7:35 am 

rihh noob player

 By 3.51Srs 


 8:13 am 


 By 3.51Candice 


 8:15 am 

Så trist RIP \\o

 By 3.51Krycek 


 8:26 am 

Rih lame action grow up

 By 3.51Gaines 


 8:33 am 

r.i.h idiot

 By 3.51Ramirez 


 10:16 am 

RIP mate.

 By 3.51Shelby 


 10:58 am 

Dunno what happend but RIP hun

 By 3.51Redbc 


 11:54 am 

rih o.c

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