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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Blackdie

 In Memoriam: Blackdie   



 2:05 am 

It's late and Blackdie is tired. All they can think of is is warm, soft bed. So they step into their bed and falls asleep. But after a couple of hours they suddenly wake up. Did they hear a noise downstairs? Silently they step out of bed, grabs their gun and walks down. In the light of the moon, shining through the window, they see a huge sawed off pointing at their head. And then there's darkness...

In Memoriam: RIP: Blackdie

 By 3.51Aslanoglu 


 2:07 am 

You have witnessed Blackdie kill Atom. To auction this witness statement use the following id: 113


 By 3.51Meloo 


 2:19 am 

rip bro

 By 3.51Tengri 


 2:19 am 


 By 3.51Ankarasefiri 


 3:06 am 

Rih amk

 By 3.51Screamofdark 


 4:12 am 


 By 3.51Valentinos 


 4:47 am 


 By 3.51Tusubasa 


 7:47 am 

Rip abi

 By 3.51Minaruj 


 8:32 am 


 By 3.51Winchester 


 8:35 am 


 By 3.51Ezmoce 


 8:51 am 


 By 3.51Hislon 


 9:11 am 

tr de akýcaz kanka

hadi eyvallah

 By 3.51Colddplay 


 12:38 pm 


 By 3.51Amcabey 


 13:35 pm 

Rih la noob

 By 3.51Kartal 


 16:35 pm 

Rih bebek

 By 3.51Sadness 


 19:48 pm 

rip kardesm

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