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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Badr

 In Memoriam: Badr   



 21:01 pm 

Having just secured a deal that would make him rich, Badr was delighted. He went into his apartment block and stepped into the lift, pressing the button for the top floor.

A few seconds later the lift arrived on Badr's floor, but as the metal doors of the lift slid open there was someone waiting; a notorious hit man from a rival family.

Badr yelled in terror and fell back into the lift, pressing the ground floor button in wild desperation.

As the lift began to descend, the hit man shot straight through the cable.

Badr plummeted twenty stories, down to ground level, screaming as he fell...

In Memoriam: RIP: Badr

 By 3.51Sparrow 


 21:02 pm 

You duck behind the wall of a nearby garage as Badr pulls a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum out and whirls around and pulls the trigger...
Badr died from the wounds you have inflicted. He\'s swimming with the fishes now.
Your enemy tried to strike back, but failed completely.


 By 3.51Markeloff 


 21:03 pm 


 By 3.51Corva 


 21:16 pm 

bad boy

 By 3.51Varsha 


 21:28 pm 

Rih !!!!!

 By 3.51Babe 


 22:22 pm 


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