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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Kuqezi

 In Memoriam: Kuqezi   



 11:24 am 

Kuqezi snorted the last line of dust from his desk.

Kuqezi knew that 'this was it'. He picked up his Tommy and went out through the door of his office.

Five men in black suits where standing there, waiting...

"This just ain't my lucky day" said Kuqezi as he started shooting.

He wasted 3 of them and wounded a fourth, but five gangsters was one opponent too many.

After the fight they burned the mansion along with the body.

Here lie the ashes of Kuqezi

In Memoriam: RIP: Kuqezi

 By 3.51Hartman 


 11:25 am 


 By 3.51Moltasanti 


 11:26 am 

You kick a table over and keep your head down below it as Kuqezi pulls out a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum and pulls the trigger...
Kuqezi died from the wounds you have inflicted. He\'s swimming with the fishes now.
Your enemy tried to strike back, but failed completely.

im sorry blendar, u fucked up again and you know it


 By 3.51Weasel 


 11:51 am 

 By 3.51Kimi 


 11:51 am 

 By 3.51Zina 


 11:53 am 

 By 3.51Gmac 


 11:53 am 

 By 3.51Montolivo 


 11:55 am 

rip Blbl , what happend ?

 By 3.51Tinkiewinkie 


 11:55 am 


 By 3.51Lxg 


 11:55 am 

 By 3.51Gummybear 


 11:56 am 

 By 3.51Psajkopat 


 12:05 pm 

qishtu kur nuk shkon me shqiptar po rrasen me tjer

 By 3.51Unikkatil 


 13:02 pm 

RIP vlla
back asap <3
Kuqezi perjet (K)

 By 3.51Semsotto 


 14:31 pm 

Blackhan \'in Blbl \'i oldurdugune sahit oldunuz. Bunu acik arttirmaya koymak icin su kodu girin:

 By 3.51Mryep 


 16:03 pm 

when you gonna learn it blendar, by every fam here and .dm you fuck up it

 By 3.51Fbi 


 16:08 pm 


New User (D)
Posts: 9
16:03:38 12-10-2012

when you gonna learn it blendar, by every fam here and .dm you fuck up it


and i bet he will never learn

 By 3.51Jackson 


 16:46 pm 

 By 3.51Diablo 


 17:51 pm 


 By 3.51Borrachera 


 18:12 pm 

Rest In Peace dear

please stop dieing... oh, and get your ass back here asap

 By 3.51Felicity 


 8:46 am 

rip <3

 By 3.51Darkflame 


 17:37 pm 

Trololol he done it again?

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