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Dead Players > In Memoriam: Chacha

 In Memoriam: Chacha   



 18:09 pm 

Chacha was in his car waiting for the lights to change. He thought that there was something suspicious about the guy who pulled up in the car next to him, because of that crazy grin.

Was that a cigar he was offering Chacha?

No! A gun barrel... and then no more Chacha


After killing Big Jim for betraying the family, Chacha was getting rid of the body, digging a hole down the road in Blackwood Forest.

His mates were helping because Big Jim was a big, big man.

When the hole was dug they decided to have a smoke.

Chacha asked young Tami for a light, sitting there on the edge of the grave they had dug.

Pedro the sack turned and said "Give him a 'light', Tami."

Pedro the sack's sarcastic tone was the last thing that Chacha ever heard. A moment later his corpse rolled into the yawning gap in the earth.

Chacha is worm food now.

In Memoriam: RIP: Chacha

 By 3.51Klaas 


 18:11 pm 

r.i.h asshole better pay your heist next time

 By 3.51Son 


 19:31 pm 

rih for orgcrime

 By 3.51Lawliet 


 20:00 pm 

I asked you nicely to send the cash, you didn\'t listen. RIH

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