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Latest News > Voucher #9

 Voucher #9   

 By Bramblerose 


 9:51 am 

Dear all,

First of all I want to wish you all a very good and healthy new year. May this year be the one where all your dreams come true.

The voucher we gave you yesterday is disabled.
The voucher you can use today is: 1wemadeit

This is going to be the last voucher as well. We hope you all liked them.

Have fun,

 By 3.52Silverqueeny 


 9:55 am 

1k bullets 50k money and a car ty and happy new year all o/

 By 3.52Uneraj 


 10:04 am 

happy new year

 By 3.52Eaglez 


 10:10 am 

Happy New Yearr

 By 3.52Linova 


 10:14 am 


 By 3.52Sufaro 


 10:22 am 

Happy New Omerta Year

 By 3.52Kenji 


 10:23 am 

Happy new year all

 By 3.52Demi 


 10:27 am 

Thanks! Happy new year all. \\o/

 By 3.52Dabbe 


 10:41 am 

Happy new year...thanksss

 By 3.52Akrephus 


 10:49 am 

Thanks! Happy new year all

 By 3.52Asdskull 


 11:12 am 

thx a lot and happy new year best omerta manager

 By 3.52Aradia 


 11:19 am 

Happy new year all

 By 3.52Caelum 


 11:41 am 

Happy New Year !!

 By 3.52Erdin 


 11:54 am 


 By 3.52Poisonblack 


 15:43 pm 

Happy new year all

 By 3.52Debalina 


 18:04 pm 

Happy New Year and many mores!!

 By 3.52Crazyboy 


 18:35 pm 

happy and a lovely new year \\o/

 By Wildhorse 


 19:57 pm 

happy new year all and ....

A very very serious warning to the mass dupers spoiling our fun with this action : everyone getting caught abusing the voucher action will be frozen for an unlimited period and all his/her ip\'s will be banned

anyone who accepts money from any of these cheaters will be punished ... please report any suspicious money transfers instantly.



 By 3.52Carina 


 11:40 am 

happy new year and have all a good healht this year

 By 3.52Mstfa 


 19:58 pm 


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