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 What to do...   

 By Bramblerose 


 11:14 am 

Dear all,

First I like to apologize to all fair players here on Omerta for everything that went wrong in the previous few days. We really regret how the work of a few abusers has affected the hard work of some of you. At the moment we’re still working hard to solve certain problems. Tomorrow we plan to come up with a solution to deal with this all, there are several options and we know we can’t make everyone happy but we do hope what ever we come up with the majority will be happy.

As long as we’re investigating everything we won’t have the time to look at any possible revives. If you cheated and got frozen, you have to live with this as well at least until tomorrow. If you would not have cheated you would not have been frozen in the first place so you have no one to blame for but yourself.

In the meanwhile, if you happen to know a few bugs and can abuse them, make a lot of money and tell us how they worked we will give you an Omerta ‘t shirt in return.


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