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Latest News > Brando\'s thoughts

 Brando's thoughts   

 By Bramblerose 


 12:39 pm 

So some old and hitherto trusted \'friends of Omerta\' found an exploit in the code base - simple enough - you could use formulaic numbers in some input fields. You put in $900, you take out $900 billion. It is a gangster game, right?


It seems that the old dev team (v3.2 onwards) made an error in not preventing this stuff from happening and normal players had no idea of course.

Some infulential family members - even some who were ex-crew, sadly - did. And kept the exploit secret. They cheated systematically for their families version in version out.

Some individuals selling ingame cash did. They made money in order to line their pockets at the expense of the community.

We\'re sorry, naturally that we were not able to fix this earlier - not a bug but an exploit which could be misused by anyone.

We\'re dismayed that the people we thought we could trust did not come to us and let us know. What a shame.

But... as we do, we will try to make a good situation from a bad one.

How so? Simple. This should leave the money-magic cheats with nowhere to go. We expect that they will disappear from the game and its community.

Good riddance.

That\'s the good.

We hope that if anyone knows of an exploit in the game that they let us know - and then for the good of the whole community we can fix it.

We can only ever do so with your support.

A big thanks to the Omerta Crew and staff who donated weekend hours - and countless hundreds of hours before that to trying to find and close this simple exploit.

PS Bramblerose: if you have a look on facebook you can see this post including a picture of the new Omerta look we\'ve been working on.

 By 3.52Domon 


 12:47 pm 

bank closed?

 By 3.52Vervelend 


 12:52 pm 

and what is it that you gonna do ????

 By 3.52Vervelend 


 12:53 pm 

Put people in #help who can actually help instead of: sent e-mail to

 By 3.52Morala 


 12:53 pm 

The new mobile app looks good and hope it can revive this game But be aware that people constantly want something to work on so that means more things that we can purchase ingame. The market needs a revamp badly.

Now let\'s see what we will be offered tomorrow. Reset without losing lackey credits would be a decent idea, however removing lackey credits too would be an insult.

 By 3.52Bagualla 


 12:54 pm 

when banks return as they were before?

 By 3.52Morala 


 12:55 pm 

Quote: Nirvana on 12:53:54 22-01-2013
Please, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me that that new layout is an early april fools joke? :\'(. It looks RIDICULOUS. Srsly, it looks like SHIT.

It\'s for the tablets so obviously it\'s gonna look different than the web browser version..

 By 3.52Anndor 


 13:01 pm 

New Omerta Look ???? don\'t believe we are waiting for that... give us a better gameplay.. go work on that before getting us the lackey\'s.. the game stayed for 9 month\'s or more.. now with the lackey\'s there are reset within the 2 months.. now tell me.... better gameplay ????? now way.. just joining the cheaters because you couldn\'t beat them

 By 3.52Orionthekid 


 13:08 pm 

The new Omerta screen looks slick, but as far as bugs and exploits, please start working on programming. This is ridiculous, I know the Omerta team is working and progressing, but this is crazy how every version there is at least 1 - 3 bugs and it\'s only a click-based browser game x.x kmonnn nowww

 By 3.52Blitzx 


 13:08 pm 

quit the crap and just tell us what is going to happen to this current round/version.

 By 3.52Caro 


 13:12 pm 

Just Akill all abusers , even the ones you trusted , and give a nice voucher in compensation ...
Oh and what about that Bloodbug ? having 199% health ??

 By 3.52Egidius 


 13:13 pm 

Dubious how Brando suddenly shows up when his moneymachine has a malfunction.

 By 3.52Deborah 


 13:19 pm 

what about reset this version and refund the fair players their donation codes ?

 By 3.52Zenga 


 13:20 pm 

Dear brando,

Back in 2.3 or 2.4 (i.e. 5-6-7 years ago?) there was a small shop bug where one could double up his money, it got fixed very fast. At that point it was suggested by the community to have a very simple admin tool that compares money spent vs income. What do players make every day, what\'s the total amount of money in the bank and what\'s the total amount of money in the players their pocket. Compare that with assets (bullets, bg\'s...) and you have a pretty good idea if something goes wrong in the game. At which point you can start digging to find the course. Throughout the years many of these bugs popped up, you should know by now.

Which brings me to my second point. You reward the players who find bugs with a T-shirt? A couple of years ago I used to play an mmo that can be compared to omerta (browser game, approx the same player base) and the equivalent of a DC there is a Time Card, worth $5. Do you know how the players are rewarded in that game for submitting bugs? By handing out TC\'s. One player found a possible duplication bug and got rewarded with 100 TC\'s (or the equivalent of $500). A standard bug is rewarded with 5 to 10 TCs. And that system works great. Players are keen on finding and submitting bugs rather than abusing them, to get a reward.

So handing out a T-Shirt for people who submit a bug might look nice, it looks quite silly. Seeing the cheating history this game has, do you really expect the average player to give up on a bug that makes him overpowered ingame for a freaking T-shirt? Make it your policy that if people hand out a serious bug, that you reward them accordingly. If someone finds a bug where e.g. you can hire cheaper/longer dets, give that guy 5-10 DC\'s. But if someone finds a bug that allows you to print ingame money and that puts the game upside down, give that person 100 dc\'s. Seriously, a bloody T-shirt?


 By 3.52Dead 


 13:20 pm 

i told them the crew is corrupt long time ago but they akilled me for that

 By 3.52Snoeter 


 13:37 pm 

sure blame them old devs again, problem is its your responsebility!!!!!!!!!!!

YOU bought omerta
YOU didnt check the code or alter it
YOU hired/payed shitty devs who couldnt program 1 thing without it being bugged atleast with 3 things ( ye sure now im insulting crew, but fact is they re-wrote lackeys in 5-6 times? due to all the moneybugs/credit bugs) and our lovely punto banco ( rewritten 2 times then completely redone and still its bugged \\o/ )

and yes you are right, this game prolly never was played fair since 1.0 ( good thing the community doesnt know this aint the first huge error )

oh and last, each thing you \"fix\" you actually dont fix! For example the lackey money bugs! you just program something idiot around it ( timers for fire ) so it cant be used again instead of really fixing it!

No this answer is way to easy, problem is you dont give a shit, nor wanna spend any cash to hire proper coders. Imo you shoulda hired a decent dev crew in 2.x to make omerta 3.0 brand new instead of working with this old shitty programmed website who is patched 235125 times.

Your basicly running windows 95 with service pack 23 instead of windows 8...

( and no it was not my intention to insult anyone, specially not the devs. I just blame you Brando cause I think this is all your fault, and makes me angry you blame old devs each time when its you who hired them and you who bought it before...

 By 3.52Chandrra 


 13:46 pm 

Start the version from scratch, refound the players with all the dc\'s they bought this version that\'s the only way to compensate the honest players in a fair way at least for this version.

@my work we have a few people who do nothing else whole day then trying to crack the codes and hacking the services in order to fix them maybe you should also have someone experienced who\'s job is to find those bugs/exploits.

Introducing the lackeys might have been a bad idea, removing them again will cut the playerbase with 3/4 and scripters will find their way back, at least everyone has a profit from this \"legal scripting\" now instead of only scripters/cheaters so removing them would be even worse, even more considering irc was dying long before lackeys came in

 By 3.52Yakuza 


 13:59 pm 

Roll back to oldie omerta !

 By 3.52Lahey 


 14:10 pm 

So Brando canīt spell either ? Or is this Bramblerose trying to make us think Brando even cares ?

 By 3.52Humpalot 


 14:24 pm 

Correct me if im wrong.

You didnt know about the exploit

You blame the 3.2. dev team for making this error.

You dont have the manpower to check the game on bug exploits.

You are CEO/owner of this/game and/or CEO/owner of the company that owns/develops this game.

Doesnt that mean it\'s your f\'ing job to know whats going on? Or at least, in the end, be resposible for any and every error your dev team makes. Same applies to hiring enough people to do the work.

I agree that the exploits were shameful, these cheaters should be punished ofcourse. Just as you should apologise for not knowing wtf was going with your product, especially after reading Zenga his post, in which zenga stated \'At that point it was suggested by the community to have a very simple admin tool that compares money spent vs income. \' So you could have known about the exploits by using this advice, but you chose not to.

 By 3.52Riphagen 


 14:33 pm 

Quote: Egidius on 13:13:59 22-01-2013
Dubious how Brando suddenly shows up when his moneymachine has a malfunction.

lol but o so true

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