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 Brando's Facebook blog   

 By Bramblerose 


 18:32 pm 

The Exploits

Cheats in a gangster game - it is to be expected, right?

Yes and no - small cheats who find exploits to get an advantage and tell their friends too eventually sure - people who use this to make money out of the communtiy - no. That\'s illegal, if they are based in the EU.

We think that some of the people using the exploit where you could input a formulaic number like 900E9 = 900 000 000 000 and then selling the money are very cynical and do a lot of damage.

Appeal: We would welcome information leading to the exposure of any remaining exploits, whether this particular one or any other. If you know of such an exploit please tell us and we will fix it.

The reset

The reset of .com will happen next Thursday as previously announced.

Why? Well we need some more time to test our fixes for that exploit and we need some time to get the right info about donate codes from the database. When we discussed the opportunity to reset earlier our exhausted crew were willing but our dev team were very worried that we would be creating a similar situation within a couple of weeks by going into a new version with exploits potentially still open.

As much as we would have liked to have reset earlier, we cannot sanction this idea. Fool me once, shame on you - fool me twice shame on me. Fool me three times? We won\'t get fooled again etc.

Why reset at all, The RoM said \'no reset\' - Fair point, and though the vote in favour of no reset was marginal, we could have continued.

However there is and was a lot of cheat money in the game and many players who survived attacks because they cheated with 199% health. We think this is enough reason to reset.

Furthermore - since it was announced that a reset should come next week, we saw many deaths. That would leave a mess of a game for those still interested. So we reset.

Donate codes

We want to make it clear that we will give everyone who bought a donate code back that code +33% - so if you bought three you will get 4 and if you bought 6 you will get 8 etc.

We cannot afford to give back the money - if we tried to do that we fire everyone and close the game for ever.

We don\'t think it is entirely our fault - and we again lay the moral responsibility at the feet of our fake Facebook friends who knew of abuse and tolerated it because it serverd them, to varying extent. Please don\'t cheat at Omerta.

We don\'t refund DCs bought on oBay - that would be impossible.

NB. One of the reasons that we cannot reset right away is that organising the DC info will take a day from backups etc.

The truth

The truth is that we are challenged by exploit abuse and need your help - it is very frustrating to lose an account which you have ranked hard or paid good money for. We know that. It is also very frustrating for us to work 8 am until after midninght, dealing with unhappy players who we just want to have a good time in our game.

So we really do need your help. Some of you know people who claim that there are persisting exploits. Please let us know about these so that we can close them.

Short version.

F***ing cheaters spoiled the version and it will reset next Thursday but everyone gets there DCs back and some free DCs for those of you who bought 3 or more.

Thanks to crew and thanks for your patience.

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