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Latest News > What happens next (DCs)

 What happens next (DCs)   

 By Bramblerose 


 14:21 pm 

Dear all,

Tomorrow after the reset, everyone who bought donation codes for real money, will receive new codes that you can use this version. You will receive them within 7 days (most likely a lot quicker) on the email address you used to register your Master account on. As all accounts are linked to this Master account itís easy for us to see which donation codes should be send to which player.

This means you donít have to come to us to tell us how many accounts you had this version. You will get the codes you bought on all accounts.

There is one exception. If you bought a donation code which you used to get SMS credits you will not get a refund for these codes as all remaining credits are transferable to your new account, which means that you still have those credits.

Too make sure everything goes smoothly next version you wonít be able to activate any code for the first hour after the launch. This means you canít put codes on Obay or activate them for Lackey/ SMS credits or use them for DC status.

After this first hour you will be able to use codes as usual.


 By 4.0Cybah 


 14:10 pm 

test post to report to devs evt..

and reported i could post this at irc.
u may remove this now ty

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