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Latest News > Donation codes (Update)

 Donation codes (Update)   

 By Bramblerose 


 11:48 am 

UPDATE: Lackey credits can be used again.

Dear all,

Everyone who bought donation codes for real money, will receive new codes that you can use this version. You will receive them within 7 days (most likely a lot quicker) on the email address you used to register your Master account on. As all accounts are linked to this Master account it`s easy for us to see which donation codes should be send to which player.

This means you don`t have to come to us to tell us how many accounts you had this version. You will get the codes you bought on all accounts.

There is one exception. If you bought a donation code which you used to get SMS credits you will not get a refund for these codes as all remaining credits are transferable to your new account, which means that you still have those credits.

Too make sure everything runs smoothly this version you won`t be able to activate codes for SMS credits or sell them on Obay till further notice.


 By 4.0Romanian 


 12:08 pm 

ok..waiting ..

 By 4.0Chuck 


 12:09 pm 

just let us know when Its fixed... :/

 By 4.0John 


 12:27 pm 

Support Omerta
You reached your click limit. You may request 11 pages every minute.
For the sake of server resources, we limit the number of clicks you may make per minute.

If you wish, you may raise this limit by purchasing a Donate Code.
Purchasing a Donate Code is completely optional, as Omerta is a free to play game, but doing so helps us to continue running and improving the game.

A Donate Code can be bought or sold on obay for additional cash, can be activated on your account to raise your click limit and receive other benefits or can be used to purchase SMS credit to receive automated notifications or send messages to your friends.

Click here to support Omerta!

 By 4.0Pug 


 12:46 pm 

What if I buy a code now?
Wont work either, or is the problem solved already.

 By 4.0Snitch 


 13:02 pm 

You have 3500 action credits available
see you later

 By 4.0Akrephus 


 13:32 pm 

where is DC ?!

 By 4.0Shadowbulder 


 13:33 pm 

cant add more then 1 dc at lackeys ? and donate plus is not working ?

 By 4.0Thewall 


 13:41 pm 


 By 4.0Shadowbulder 


 14:01 pm 

dc + where is the top bar with the crime and monney etc ? if this is not in the new layout then whats the use for dc + members?

 By 4.0Tush 


 14:08 pm 


New User (D+)
Posts: 2
14:01:34 31-01-2013

0 dc + where is the top bar with the crime and monney etc ? if this is not in the new layout then whats the use for dc + members?


 By 4.0Samiboy 


 15:21 pm 

To make use of this code, enter it in the box under the menu-item \'Donate\', or to use it for Action Credits, input it via the button \'Add extra credits\' on the \'overview\' tab under the menu item \'Lackeys II\'. you can also use this DC to add SMS credits by clicking on the menu item \'SMS messaging\'
Should you have any problems, please contact us immediately at or make a ticket via the ticketing system!

Thanks again and enjoy the game
The Omerta crew

It still dont work

 By 4.0Aliz 


 17:07 pm 

its not their fault
its the players fault that still playing a buged game like this so serious
its for years this game is like this
so take it easy:\')

 By 4.0Thesilence 


 17:44 pm 

Now i dont wanna be like the zilliont whiner... But erm, How about disable the click limit since we have to wait for our dc\'s?

 By 4.0Lola 


 17:58 pm 

You have 3950 action credits available.

 By 4.0Carioalfano 


 19:05 pm 

where are the my dc iam still waiting. grrrrrrrr

 By 4.0Pristakobra 


 19:37 pm 


 By 4.0Pristakobra 


 19:54 pm 


 By 4.0Balamir 


 22:48 pm 


 By 4.0Thebutcher 


 23:58 pm 

i buyed a dc with sms and it worked for clicklimit and worked for credit on lackeys so i dont know what is the problem

 By Brando 


 10:02 am 

Quote: Shadowbulder on 14:01:34 31-01-2013
dc + where is the top bar with the crime and monney etc ? if this is not in the new layout then whats the use for dc + members?

Back soon!

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