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Latest News > The great donate code GIVEAWAY! (Update)

 The great donate code GIVEAWAY! (Update)   

 By Bramblerose 


 10:27 am 

Dear all,

I like to give you a little update on the Donation Code GIVEAWAY

As we`re handing out codes to thousands of players it can take some time before your email arrives. Our mail server is still sending out emails as we speak so please all be patient, if you have not received an email by Monday with your donation codes please mail us at Please include your ingame and the method you used for your donations and if possible, the donation code you bought/ transaction code.

To players who bought a code from Turkcell, Atlas, Daopay or Contraband:
\'We cannot track DCs bought with those methods - so we sent the DC in question to the account which activated it last version - if this was your friend, perhaps you should ask your friend\'

To players who bought a code with Paypal:
\'You need to check the email account to which your Paypal account is registered - because that is where we sent all of the free codes we gave away yesterday.\'


 By 4.0Crazymike 


 10:30 am 

Yes, I figured out the error you guys made by saying that all codes would go to our game registered e-mails. I have my codes now, so all is well

 By 4.0Toronto 


 10:38 am 

i never bought any so i am SOL

 By 4.0Tilde 


 10:43 am 

This I call communication and this is the way it should be. So thanks for the update Bramblerose.

 By 4.0Dutchproud 


 10:54 am 

\\o/ *Lackey on

 By 4.0Dissa 


 11:03 am 

Great job *\\o/*

 By 4.0Rebel 


 11:13 am 

thx !

 By 4.0Sadnesss 


 11:28 am 

now repair lackeys?

 By 4.0Dropshot 


 11:36 am 

Thanks !

 By 4.0Tommy 


 11:49 am 

Great job thanks \\o/

 By 4.0Kapow 


 12:20 pm 


 By 4.0Nickiminaj 


 12:21 pm 

first time i see ppl not crying/whinnig or cursing about things.

 By 4.0Princeboogie 


 12:25 pm 

got mine yesterday, thanks!
people need to learn how to read.

 By 4.0Luna 


 12:31 pm 

Great <3

 By 4.0Aagem 


 12:43 pm 

so please repair lackeys!!

 By Kcode 


 13:27 pm 

Quote: Aagem on 12:43:50 08-02-2013
so please repair lackeys!!

I\'m on it!

 By 4.0Tilde 


 13:39 pm 

Give them time to give all ppl their dc\'s first before concentrating on other stuff!

 By 4.0Rambo 


 15:21 pm 



 By 4.0Entity 


 16:08 pm 

Quote: Tilde on 10:43:06 08-02-2013
This I call communication and this is the way it should be. So thanks for the update Bramblerose.

Offcourse... Its about donate codes. Thats the most important thing they care on.
They aware if this fails they gonna lost allot of people ( again )

 By 4.0Lola 


 17:12 pm 

I got them all, I said thx already on FB to Brando, but got a question here ... do I need to spend all the dc\'s i got now ? Can I keep them till my credits are used ?
Regards and have a great weekend !!

 By 4.0Curlysue 


 17:28 pm 

Ofc u can wait Lola

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