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Latest News > Family spots

 Family spots   

 By Bramblerose 


 20:52 pm 

Dear all,

4 more families can enter the streets of Omerta. Do you think more families should be able to start or is this enough? Keep an eye out for the VOTD on Friday where you can vote about it.


 By 4.0Jtheripper 


 20:56 pm 

Why? First you have VOTD about amount of familie\'s (the players say 40) and now you want to change again?

why is there a VOTD? as you guys almost always ignore the outcome?

 By 4.0Wizzard 


 21:04 pm 

lol 4 more ^^ go go go

 By 4.0Mmm 


 21:12 pm 

yea more useless fams are popping up. Let them shoot for hq, if they can\'t do it, they\'re not big enough.

 By 4.0Ballantines 


 21:17 pm 

Imo you should open another 50 spots, just in case omerta\'s player base gets bigger by 300% in the next few days...

 By 4.0Planter 


 21:24 pm 

no need for extra fams bramblerose...
at least not with current player base...

if that increases, why not open a complete new city (with casino\'s and objects) ?

but for now? no need for extra \'as-one fams\', or \'=fams\'... if fams want more members, let them choose between bigger hq or other upgrade; don\'t give them the possibility to take 2 upgrades at once...

 By 4.0Furious 


 21:32 pm 

Might aswell add new city (raid) spots and objects while ur at it.

 By 4.0Gekkeflap 


 21:35 pm 

fail again thanks for not listening again
and so many ppl told if you want open new spots just place a VOTD about it it\'s the most fair way in my eyes
o// great

 By 4.0Boobs 


 21:37 pm 

no replies allowed, and yet i can reply.

again why would you use a VOTD if you don\'t listen anyway.
sad sad.. realy sad.

thought things were gonna change in omerta
but seems we got fooled again

bunch of newbs.

and im sure when a certain housewife wakes up, all comments will be deleted again. censorship for the win huh!

 By 4.0Shenna 


 21:48 pm 

We seen the same thing happens last version, noon was happy with more HQ\'s, I am wondering what the vieuw from Omerta crew is at the game aka playersbase .

There is no need to make the upcoming pacts even bigger.

The VOTD for how many spots , was there last version, was there also in 3.4 and stil Crew does not read the outcome from the VOTD.

You seem to think that there is a need for more HQ\'s , on what do you base that ?

 By 4.0Barten 


 21:50 pm 

This is just wrong.
Why open more spots, then VOTD after?
I dont see how you are thinking, but its not logical!
Read above this, most of the players agree on it, there will be more asones and small families. This is not what we need nor want....

But wth, what will players opinion mean anyways :\\

 By 4.0Dissa 


 21:51 pm 

welcom sisfams and \'as 1\' .... here we go again ..

 By 4.0Leonhart 


 21:52 pm 

I don\'t recall the playerbase asking for more spots.

 By 4.0Godot 


 21:54 pm 

Great, thanks, now we have two more as one families. Good job. /sarcasm

 By 4.0Nicchi 


 21:57 pm 

Why? How hard is it to listen to the majority of the players? Damn, you never learn..

 By 4.0Jonsnow 


 22:27 pm 

70 fam spots incomming..!

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