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Latest News > Spot raids

 Spot raids   

 By Bramblerose 


 10:56 am 

Dear all,

We`re very curious how often you raid a spot, what you like best and what you think should be changed.

I`ve made a votd where you can vote for the `how often` part, and I would like to see your comments here about what you like and what you don`t like.

Please try to keep it friendly, there is no need for being negative, rude or offensive. Also, please keep it on topic, everything else will be removed.


 By 4.0Eris 


 11:15 am 

There is no bracket for \"Only when family needs to take over the spot\" ?
Thats really the only time i ever raid because its just not worth it.
The rp is too small and the money you get barely or doesn\'t at all cover the blood loss and car damage/bullets.

 By 4.0Dachong 


 12:11 pm 

i raid when i can - but idd the benefits are to small

 By 4.0Arrow 


 12:15 pm 

Same as Eris, only with spot takeover, otherwise it hurts to much blood :/

 By 4.0Santaclaus 


 12:17 pm 

Well raids are not logical imo..
I understand when u fail u loose blood and car but u also loose them when u succeed the money u get from the spot wont benefit you at all and most of the times its less than u spend (car + blood loss) .. Considering the small amount of rp it gives its like not worth of raiding..

 By 4.0Ratix 


 13:34 pm 

You should be rewarded with a real benefit from the spot in question when a raid succeeds:

For example:
The raid succeeded! You and your mate both succesfully stole an Avus Streamliner with 0% damage!

You and your mate get drunk when raiding the bar, but obtain $200,000 each!

The lawyers office workers agreed to give in to your demands, you earned 1 hour free of jailtime!

 By 4.0Facuzio 


 13:55 pm 

Agree with krakau

 By 4.0Gekko 


 14:10 pm 

i think about a better reward for the raids, because most of the time you only losing money
and btw what about the USMS? remove it or do something with it
& btw bodygaurds are too expensive

 By 4.0Arpax 


 15:27 pm 


It\'s really poor how much rp group crimes give you. In my opinion longer wait time= more rp .

Why on earth does a Mega organised crime give as much RP as a single crime, which you can do every 90 seconds?

Anyways, if you would give more RP for raids I am sure people would start raiding. Maybe double the rp advantange. Would give people who login every day a little more advantage.

 By 4.0Sean 


 17:21 pm 

Jus give us afew options which you guys ( the crew) think is better to do, maybe more rp, maybe more benefit, give us some options please its clear that everybody only raids for the family.

 By 4.0Chippy 


 17:30 pm 

only raid for rp

 By 4.0Asswipme 


 17:57 pm 

When i rank in order to stay in the top rp-wise, or to help the fam

 By 4.0Cockroach 


 19:03 pm 

ive tried it about 10 times with a various amouth of cars.. costed me tons since u lose like 30 to 40% health usually, and barely make profits
also, when u make a profit, it wasent worth the 5 times u lost 100k on blood before the succesfull one

 By 4.0Puaj 


 19:54 pm 

I raid only for rp, not for the profit.

 By 4.0Eltoro 


 21:10 pm 

Lately, i pick out a spot with 80% and 1.5M+ (Not in Detroit offcourse), and with a Spyder or better it always succeeds with always 200k+. Most of the times it covers the repair of the car and the blood. And since it\'s an 80% raid that succeeds the rp is ok... So i raid as much as possible, IF i can find a player who is willing to get his ass out of Detroit.

 By 4.0Skeetnl 


 21:14 pm 

Make raids more profitable so people will actually raid for money, and make it more of a challenge for fams to hold it.

 By 4.0Whiteshark 


 21:52 pm 

The raid succeeded! You made a total of $ 239,949 each, Unfortunately you took 40 damage aswell.

Cash $ 161,315 <-- cash left after buyed blood

 By 4.0Lelani 


 22:50 pm 

I try to raid every 3 hours , and fake only for the rp tho
if we do real raids we lose 200 bullets a lot health and somtimes or brandnew car 2

 By 4.0Chiaotzu 


 23:22 pm 

I raid when i can but its hard to raid in every city because everyone are stuck in Detroit.

And what everyone is calling about the profits with raiding spots.

 By 4.0Closeup 


 3:07 am 

You should get more rp from raids/heists/oc so people will log in more. That way it might actually be possible to find a group crime in a city other than Det. Raid Spots...can be profitable if you know the right ones. Generally hard to make money unless you are LC+ though. Imo heists need improving more than raids, they used to be a lot more profitable.

 By 4.0Sjobongxx 


 4:01 am 

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