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Latest News > All hail to Teckna the mighty!

 All hail to Teckna the mighty!   

 By Brando 


 1:03 am 

We are so CLEVER!

Do you know how clever we are? We are so clever that while finalising the testing of massive improvements to how efficiently Lackeys work, we update PHP from a remote location in China, while our Sysdamin team is on HOLIDAY.

And then everything breaks while our management team are ASLEEP.

Luckily we have diehard crew members and devs like Kcode and LilMike who work until no longer needed and eventually TECKNA THE MIGHTY re-appears from his Spa holiday in Baden-Baden to flick a switch with his mighty paw and BANG! Omerta is running again.

So, tomorrow AM we will give everyone lots of free sh*t (bullets, money and lackey credits) and once our (now very very tired) dev team get online we will also give you the totally re-worked super-smooth-running version of Lackeys which we have been perfecting for several months.

Are we clever? No. Well. I am not. Dev and Sysadmin are SUPERHEROES though.


We am not worthy!
We am not worthy!

Big thanks to crew & players for your patience and to Teckna, Lilmike and Kcode for your wizardry!

Omerta Game Ltd company motto: Clever people are stupid'

 By 4.01Dragonn 


 1:11 am 

Clever but dont know how to post on forums...

Move fast, break Omerta.

 By 4.01Lukazy 


 1:18 am 

we'll see how much this free sh*t is.... and maybe forget for a day or two xd

 By 4.01Outlaw 


 1:34 am 

Oh really? I like freebies. LOL

 By 4.01Sabra 


 1:35 am 

sounds like a fun time in Baden-Baden at the and tug perhaps??

 By 4.01Materazzo 


 1:37 am 

I bought a dc on obay and i can't read the ingame message with the code.... AND NOW?

 By 4.01Gddutch 


 2:15 am 

gimme some bullits xD

 By 4.01Linc 


 2:16 am 

"TECKNA THE MIGHTY re-appears from his Spa holiday in Baden-Baden"

LOOOOL I was a crew member for 4 months and he was always on holiday, weird how you made him work again..

 By 4.01Fenomenal 


 2:38 am 

we dont need free shit, we need free dc, oh yeah shit.

 By 4.01Shym 


 2:57 am 

very nice mighty teckna now you just need to fix the others 50+ errors and hunt the dupers/scripters instead been on spa.

 By 4.01Wherewithal 


 3:00 am 

Well done, you just basically fixed a boat's engine while it's slowly sinking.
You don't think it's gonna reach land now do you?

 By 4.01Vet 


 3:06 am 

Good Job All,TY

 By 4.01Lmf 


 3:19 am 

hm - always though there was TEXT in the heist-result-MSG
but here it shows only

>> (Old BBCode Detected, Links & Images Disabled) <<

 By 4.01Bigtuna 


 5:21 am 

Send us sooner updates when things are broken/down via forum. Ffs

 By 4.01Bouciault 


 5:26 am 

if you speak english , what we re learning at school :/

 By 4.01Corleonez 


 5:27 am 

Brando are you on drugs or something else what ever you had really make you fly hiiiiigggghhhhhh. Lets see on free shit

 By 4.01Victarion 


 6:03 am 

Imma look forward to dat free shit mayne

 By 4.01Tobac 


 6:26 am 

No idea what happened, but all of a sudden I have to open half of the links in a new tab. In IE that is. (sometimes you don't have a choice in your browser.. xD)

 By 4.01Jessy 


 7:29 am 

kumba ya my lord kumba ya

back to 2.1 plzzz

 By 4.01Skeletor 


 8:15 am 

i lost 2m yesterday, where is my money?

 By 4.01Rider 


 8:22 am 

DAOPAY & zaypay does not work

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