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 By Bramblerose 


 17:01 pm 

Dear all,

Don`t ask me how it was possible but seems some players could activate more than one voucher and thought it was really funny to start killing straight away.

Of course, the fact that they could activate more than one is a problem on our side. Because we noticed so many people getting killed and the vouchers being abused massively we decided to disable the voucher and to roll back the game to an earlier time this morning.

As a roll back is not the most ideal situation but the only way to deal with this now I do like to point out that when you activated a donation code today it might not work anymore, if this is the case please send us an email with all info you can think of (dc, account name, version, where and when bought etc) and send it to

If you have other problems please send us an email at

Please do not use the help channels to complain about this to the crew as they can`t help this and are not responsible for the chaos created.

We will look for a solution tomorrow.


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