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Latest News > We are, and always have been the local mob...

 We are, and always have been the local mob...   

 By Brando 


 3:45 am 

Local Mob speaks out on Family number limits!

Don  Balboa, head of the Local Mob is appealing for calm and offering to pour oil on water. In a statement read out on the Steps of Basilica San Marco, by Local Mob Consiglieri, Profuso Balboa Jr, he has made a clear statement to those aspiring to run a Mafia Family in these streets.

The statement:

?We chose to limit the number of families which can operate because some of  these were clearly a joke. You can?t run a mob family with two or three friends ? this just gives everyone a bad name. The same goes for splitting a family into many parts ? why spread yourself so thinly ? dare I say that The Feds would love it if the Mafia were composed of only single-person families. They would have a field day.

We want to avoid giving the mob a bad name ? after all we are society?s great providers and without us, cities would grind to a halt.

We don?t approve of the polarisation of business by a few small-interest groups ? and similarly we oppose monopolies ? except of course our own. ? but this fact is beyond question.

We will invite petitions from those who would like to invest a new family and we will consider how well these are written, how many signatories they present, how honourable, passionate and honest the representation is and most of all, perhaps, how devolved the applicants are from existing factions. ? and while I am at it, we have ?many friends? ? so if you read this and you think ?I can simply put on a new hat and shoes and fool Don Balboa into thinking I am somebody new ? we were not born yesterday and anybody who tries to fool us will lose very much honour in the eyes of the Local Mob and invite our enduring spite.?

Consigliere  Profuso offered the following suggestion:

?Now you know  the wishes of the il Padrino, we will extend to you 24 hours during which those of you who wish to begin a family will make an honest representation to begin a new Famiglia. But be warned - Don?t try to trick us or your friends may suffer the penalty, as well as yourselves. Once we have had time to consider applications, we will make a decision ? and the decision will be final.?

Profuso left in a chauffeur-driven Bentley, leaving an address for those who wish to begin a new Mafia Family


 By Brando 


 3:45 am 

Short version: You *really* want to begin a family? You are *really* not part of an existing faction? You *really* have *real* friends who are backing you?

Great! let's hear all about it in an email.

We will consider the following:

Number of people 'signing'*
(Ingame) money you are prepared to put up as 'surety' (to bribe the local mob)
Number of Honour Points you are prepared to send to Monty Balboa during the period of consideration.

And if we think that you are just a 'sister' of an existing family we will try to establish if this is true. If we find that you are trying to trick us we may delete the surety and HPs from your account and take measures against your existing sponsor family.

NB. This is a gambit. We are asking you to RPG the solution. If you want a family and you are for real this will be really obvious from your email.

Let's see who is serious...

* Those already in a family will not be counted.

 By Brando 


 3:45 am 

Oops that wasn't very short.

Very short version:

If you want a family spot in 2-4 days from now email us.

Don't try to trick us or we will f*ck you up

 By 4.01Impact 


 4:43 am 

Just open the spots already...

 By Brando 


 5:21 am 

Quote: Impact on 04:43:15 30-05-2013
Just open the spots already...

No. There are insufficient players to support that.

If you are in a family now you don't need to ask this.
If you can't join one of the existing families now, yet have enough money and friends to begin one: apply to set one up.

Then, if your claim is honest and realistic, you will get a family AND all your family members will get a nice voucher.

If it is not, and we find that you are aligned with an existing family and just want a sister you won't get anything.

 By Brando 


 5:23 am 

Quote: Impact on 04:43:15 30-05-2013
Just open the spots already...

You should be encouraging players to join your family, Decavalcante and you should be fighting other families, plotting against them, not petitioning us in the forum to set new ones up or do you want one big sisterly mob love-in?

 By 4.01Deathbase 


 6:39 am 

It doesnt mean to be that freaky or hard. Just "let it flow" baby

 By 4.01Sjobong 


 6:45 am 

someone should become follower


 By 4.01Kaapow 


 7:00 am 

The amount of ? is too damn high!

 By 4.01Info 


 7:12 am 

welcome to "The Addams Family"

 By 4.01Cabot 


 7:22 am 

Like Deathbase said: let if flow. Based on the membercount, with and without family, it should be quite obvious what amount of familyspots is sufficient. Right now I think you interfere too much. And once again you adjust the game while a version is running. This really starts to get annoying.

 By Brando 


 7:26 am 

Quote: Cabot on 07:22:39 30-05-2013
Like Deathbase said: let if flow. Based on the membercount, with and without family, it should be quite obvious what amount of familyspots is sufficient. Right now I think you interfere too much. And once again you adjust the game while a version is running. This really starts to get annoying.

You are right and I sympathise. It is a case of not quite having the right tools to do the job - so making something which will do a 'quick and dirty' job in the meantime.

I actually don't expect any applications. Maybe one or two.

This is in part to quieten the whiners (already in families FFS) who are begging for 40 more spots to be opened.

- which maketh not a jot of sense to me.


 By Brando 


 7:27 am 

Quote: Info on 07:12:53 30-05-2013
welcome to "The Addams Family"

We will not add am family.

Do I win a prize?

 By 4.01Crashdead 


 7:59 am 

omg if people want to start small fams that is there right as a player if people its NOT agenst the rules. If you used old fam system it wouldent happen because the big fams would kill them for space on the city map it is up to players to decide what tey want to do not admins shurly?

 By 4.01Bones 


 8:34 am 


I remember the days when there were like 50 families and top20 had 300 players and others like 100-200. That was when this game was great. Then Brando came with silly ideas and now we have what we have... a small ammount of players and their big ammount of dupes running on lackeys.

And this playing "god" by Brando and deciding who can and who cant start the family will just push ppl away from this game. I would expect you to know how this game runs after so long. So what if a family starts with like 10 ppl? It doesent pose a threat to top families but when 2 or 3 top families die they might come to that small family with 10 ppl and in 2-3 weaks it will become one of the top familys.

 By 4.01Elohim 


 8:49 am 

There are insufficient players because the top 10 fams are mostly blooded to eachother and therefore the game is locked. I doubt you will get many e-mails Brando, but I hope to have given you a slight hint of what to do.

 By 4.01Shakesbear 


 9:05 am 

These stupid midgame adjustings trying to safe a sinking ship is only pissing more and more ppl off because you clearly don't know what to do anymore. A game is suppose to be fun playing it, this is not fun anymore.

 By 4.01Jaden 


 9:11 am 

I think, the size, I mean the number of people in a family shouldn't decide anything. After all, only chief and bruglione accounts in a family really make a difference. I remember that, in the end of 2.3 we built a family consisting of 40-50 fellows. The point is, those fellows were only chief and bruglione's so the family was quite strong. It was just an example, I don't like the idea of an elitist fam like that really. Because, in real, La Cosa Nostra is a school in which the lower ranks are grown in the hands of a capodecima. I had a suggestion before and I will re suggest it here. Please do think about it (maybe for the later versions) because I did and in my opinion it solves many things. After all, as I have said before, suggestions are only to make moderation think about them. I don't believe that the mechanics of the game is players area. Still I can (like anyone else) suggest something too.

With the old spot system, if you bring the old game rule about bullet factories and only a fam who is in the city can run the bullet factory (which makes better sense because in reality you can't operate a factory which isnt in your territory), and set the bullet factory to some restriction such as, producing less bullets and a decline in the bullet price when there are more than 5 families in the city, I am sure that will solve a few problems. Big fams will not be happy with the small fams in their cities because they will reduce the income and profits. It will solve the dumb peace processes in the game too as the big fams will attack the newly built unnecessary fams in their city. You can add a reduce in profits of the spots or casinos and even crusher too (so that not only the top but the players will be unhappy about the unnecessary fam population). Thus you push strong fams to deal with their own crapyard in the ways of the real mafia and solve everything.

Just a suggestion maybe you guys can consider on. I see a nice math above which really solve many things and revive the fighting soul in the game. And ofcourse, bring back the capodecinas too because 1- real cosa nostra has them 2- there should be a threat for gf's -_- 3- families already quitted having capo regymes and it is a threat for the nature of the game. (last one is personal, i really want to be a capodecina again :<

 By 4.01Extar 


 9:21 am 


 By 4.01Sabra 


 10:17 am 

lets see if this works ...

 By 4.01Sato 


 11:10 am 

I thought this game was based on the survival of the fittest. This is a player runned game, shouldnt be an admin runned game.

Ambitious players get prison fucked up the ass once again.
We promise this... we promise that...
One day spots will be increased the next day spots will be decreased, 5 days later you need permission. Whats next? Buy 20 DC's and you get a family?

By the way anyone remember this quote:
"I can promise you though that you will get your promised free stuff tomorrow, Wednesday. I'll think of some nice things over night and I'll make sure you'll all be satisfied."

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