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Latest News > Mobile version - UPDATED #2

 Mobile version - UPDATED #2   

 By Kcode 


 0:11 am 

Hello community,

As announced before, here we are! We've released a very mobile-friendly update to our new layout, you can open it in your mobile phones and it will automatically work!

We will also put an application on Google Play (Android) this week.

Give us the feedback of your experience or if you want us to improve something.



UPDATE 09 June:

Apple users: Sorry for it, it's nothing related to Flash, in the Safari version we tested everything was working (which was only 1 test), we only did several tests for Android's.

The fix is being worked out and it will be updated tomorrow!

Android users: We're working on your feedback as well, some problems with menu button.

(I've removed the feedback posts so we can keep the problems fixed shortly and new feedback ready)


UPDATE 10 June:

We've fixed compatibility issues, iPhone/iPad users now can access the menu!
Lackeys popups are also fixed into your screen size!

Let us know what we can change more.


 By 4.01Toronto 


 0:24 am atm sucks when i open the game from work..cheers if it works better

 By 4.01Daniewlsan 


 0:27 am 


 By 4.01Kaapow 


 2:26 am 

Still feel like i need a big buttoned user friendly app than an optimized browser

 By 4.01Retnalp 


 5:42 am 

can i get the old lay out back some how on my tablet?
this new one isn't going to work for me at all...

so pls give us the options tochoose the layout...

 By 4.01Kafka 


 7:55 am 

It doesn't work for me on Samsung Android. I can't scroll down the menu.

 By 4.01Provocante 


 7:57 am 

Hmmm i use a samsung note 2 so android. A little bit better then it was before but now i cant see the forum bar on the right. Not on android internet, google chrome and firefox. Chrome cant englarge the right bar but internet and firefox do. The only thing still is not possible is zooming in. I know coding is difficult but please test it first befor you bring something out. Now android players are a little more happy but now IOS users are unhappy. Please make that bar you made as last on the top optional and bring back the old interface because its only getting worse.... I hope this is not flaming or attacking the code people because i dont want my post to be deleted again

 By 4.01Provocante 


 8:08 am 

Sent you an ingame message KCode.

 By 4.01Sinagol 


 10:59 am 

Very important for the survival of the game. Good job!

 By 4.01Bowdown 


 11:03 am 

Works worse than the last one (Lumia 920)

 By 4.01Noe 


 13:32 pm 

Well i love it ... but after some clicking u loose the Menu button !!!

 By 4.01Lucrecia 


 13:43 pm 

Love it

 By 4.01Priest 


 14:28 pm 

Mobile site works like a charm on Android!
For people who experience problems, use the Chrome browser!

 By 4.01Cumback 


 15:13 pm 

Dont like it.

 By 4.01Cogu 


 16:04 pm 

Few days ago, finally, omerta worked perfectly on my iphone for the first time! With this update, its shit all over again.. I cant see the menus on the left and righthand side and nothing happens when clicking on the menu button

 By 4.01Mossa 


 17:42 pm 

Its to slow and before was better

 By 4.01Maurello 


 20:14 pm 

And which is the name of the app in playstore ? Omerta ?

 By 4.01Dirtyqueen 


 20:38 pm 

i dont like it either!!!!

 By 4.01Callum 


 20:59 pm 

its about as much use a tv with no screen, I cant do anything on my phone but check mail, the menu button dont work, change it back!!!

I have to do work at work now

 By 4.01Mafketel 


 21:41 pm 


 By 4.01Atposeidon 


 2:51 am 

The new mobile version, works great thank you! I have a Motorola Razr I with Android Jellybean 4.1.2 and everything is perfect.

To the Apple users:
IMO Apple is an anomaly of technology which shouldn't have happened, therefore it doesn't and shouldn't get priority.

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