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 By Bramblerose 


 10:53 am 

Dear all,

There seems to be some confusion on when we reset this version. A few players came to me after they heard rumours that we would only reset if there were 5 families left and I can assure you this is not the case.

We will reset this version as soon as, at the end of the ROM cycle, the 75% in favour for a reset is reached.

The ROM will run from Wednesday till Wednesday. If on a Wednesday we reach the 75% we will reset the game within 48 hours (when possible).


 By 4.10Ulubatli 


 11:02 am 

it was %75 why did you open it again?

 By Bramblerose 


 11:09 am 

Quote: Ulubatli on 11:02:00 04-09-2013
it was %75 why did you open it again?
It was 74.48% this morning.

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