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Latest News > 10 year!

 10 year!   

 By Bramblerose 


 11:19 am 

Hi everyone,

A project that started in Groningen by Moritz who just wanted to
experience some coding is now already here for almost 10 years. At the
end of this month we will celebrate this event and we need your help.

What do you think would be nice to do to celebrate this decade of
Omerta? We would love to hear your idea's for this big day and any idea
is welcome!


 By 4.10Iero 


 11:21 am 

House party at the office.

 By 4.10Chuchu 


 11:22 am 

FREEE DC'S will be nice xD

 By Bramblerose 


 11:27 am 

House party with free dcs Anyone else?

 By 4.10Azure 


 11:31 am 

Free bullet/million$ codes or free DCs which shall be announced on that special day may really work

 By 4.10Kurama 


 11:35 am 

Surprise me..

 By 4.10Lebowski 


 11:36 am 

cut the lackeys

 By 4.10Arxidobalos 


 11:42 am 

I would propose the creation of a calendar with naked pictures of all the admins you can sale it via paypal

 By 4.10Xenomorph 


 12:18 pm 

Beta serv with old omerta

 By 4.10Gezus 


 13:13 pm 

A version like old omerta with shoot the bottle

 By 4.10Brdr 


 13:18 pm 

1. Broadcast a documentary about the history of Omerta.
2. personnel working in or about to go crazy sleepless pictures.
3. irc very interesting dialogues
4. do not forget the version of events managers.
5. 1-day party
How should it be party?

speed rank
protection of the development
no capo/gf money and points
no family rank
in this way, the game is exactly

 By 4.10Bustouts 


 13:45 pm 

Will that Big day been celebrated here Online?

 By 4.10Blazekog 


 14:36 pm 

Hire a better marketing team

 By 4.10Jonney 


 14:40 pm 

How about, you invite all the players to a HUGE party, you pay the plane tickets and the booze etc.

 By 4.10Paranoid 


 14:48 pm 

Quote: Lazzzish on 13:20:28 04-09-2013
and rom is a joke anyway u can see game is dead if u open your eyes and look no need to wait another week when it has alrdy been at 75%

stop whining and make dupes to vote on the ROM

not that i would do such thing but still..

u dont see me whining about a reset.

im happy i can chill for a few weeks atm ;d

 By Ian 


 15:10 pm 

Quote: Xenomorph on 12:18:24 04-09-2013
Beta serv with old omerta

It does seem to be a running trend, various people wanting 2.0 back

 By 4.10Gddutch 


 15:24 pm 

Remove tiredness xD and bring back shooting the bottle for ks xD

 By 4.10Appel 


 15:39 pm 

or just fix all the things that need to be fixed ? i mean.. people here don't take you guys serious any more .. and you can't blame them at some points.. i understand there are a lot of assholes between those.. but the main problem is all the bugs.. say things that you don't do and do things which you havent said you would do... that is hard for some people..

and again, you cant blame them for that

ON: an old version of omerta without lackeys and shooting bottle would be a nice present

 By 4.10Nickyredneck 


 16:06 pm 

One year of 2.1. Then you can see how many people flock back to the game. Might get to see some old friends again. Would be nice

 By 4.10Xivan 


 16:09 pm 

You might want to bring Moritz back, has been a while...

 By 4.10Cleftomania 


 16:36 pm 

Trimming down the admin/mod roster.
Business strategy for Omerta Game limited including vision and values.
Bringing in experienced people for your new roster.
More interaction between crew and customers.
Listen to your customers/players no matter how immature they may be.

Let's drag the game out of the dump!

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