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 By Bramblerose 


 12:14 pm 

Dear all,

Let me explain a bit about these weekly weekend vouchers we're doing. As it's a weekend voucher they're only valid for this weekend only and they will be removed on Monday morning. If you try to activate it on Monday afternoon and find out it doesn't work this doesn't mean we try to scam you but that you don?t understand the idea behind a weekend voucher.

The idea of adding these vouchers doesn't mean you can use this threat to complain about non voucher related issues. If you do, these will be removed and you will receive a ban.

Now, the good part, YES, we do have a voucher again this week and the voucher is: Voucher

Have a nice weekend all,

 By 4.4Krolle 


 12:20 pm 

6772952 Bugatti Type 50 Coupe Profile 0% $ 88,000 Philadelphia
+ bullets

 By 4.4Flock 


 12:20 pm 

1k bullets
Bugatti Type 50 Coupe Profile 0% $ 88,000 Chicago

nice weekend all!

 By 4.4Birader 


 12:26 pm 

1k bullet + car

 By 4.4Mmm 


 13:07 pm 

You rock Bramble (K)

 By 4.4Cerberiaan 


 14:15 pm 

+ 50k money

 By 4.4Sabra 


 14:58 pm 

nice !!

car bullies and cash o//

 By 4.4Cytherea 


 15:00 pm 


 By 4.4Amras 


 15:36 pm 

Can someone explain me what the voucher actually does for you?

 By 4.4Xkillerx 


 15:42 pm 


 By 4.4Eypio 


 15:44 pm 

1k bullets and car

 By 4.4Amras 


 15:53 pm 

Right, thanks!

 By 4.4Jdillinger 


 17:46 pm 

Thank you!

If you cant figure out what "weekend voucher" means go back to neopets

 By 4.4Mendez 


 19:16 pm 

Nice, car + bullets + $$$

 By 4.4Thompson 


 16:46 pm 


 By 4.4Mchuckmuzz 


 17:14 pm 


 By 4.4Resetfun 


 19:52 pm 

Reset fun : D

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