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Latest News > Sunshine!


 By Bramblerose 


 10:10 am 

Dear all,

Although it has been freezing last night, the sun is shining and I don?t know about you guys but the sun always cheers me up.

I hope you all have nice things planned for this weekend, I know I have .

Of course we didn?t forget to give you a weekend voucher, the voucher for this week is Sunshine!

Have fun all!


 By 4.5Pagader 


 10:13 am 

Merc-benz cabrio & 1k bullies xD

Happy weekend all!

 By 4.5Splash 


 10:20 am 

1k bullets +
Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet 0% $ 75,000
where is this car ? city none x_x

 By 4.5Fodencio 


 11:19 am 


nice weekend ;D

 By 4.5Claus 


 11:51 am 

75 money
1 k bullet
Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet 0% $ 75,000

 By 4.5Rothstein 


 11:52 am 

Thanks and you all have very nice and joyful WE.

 By 4.5Dnbaddict 


 11:52 am 

ty o/

 By 4.5Pearson 


 12:16 pm 

750 bullets + Mercedes-Benz 320 Cabriolet 0% $ 75,000

 By 4.5Noor 


 12:42 pm 

Sunshine or moonshine both is ok

750 bullets
75 k money
75 k Mercedes

Have a nice weekend all

 By 4.5Merki 


 14:50 pm 

oeh its Sunshine!
not Sunshine

 By 4.5Hotcold 


 16:00 pm 

 By 4.5Barbossa 


 17:28 pm 

the voucher should be CARNAVAL!

 By 4.5Delarey 


 4:25 am 

Ain't no sunshine here.

 By 4.5Jbelford 


 11:42 am 

it says to me that doesn't exist the voucher

 By 4.5Anci 


 12:44 pm 

IT's ( Sunshine! ) not Sunshine

 By 4.5Sus 


 20:42 pm 

oh nice

a pizza and a coke, awesome voucher

 By 4.5Bostonkicker 


 8:35 am 

dont know where to write this but why i need tool to nick a car at a gas statioon when the keys are inside????

 By 4.5Laurie 


 20:56 pm 


 By 4.5Salvator 


 19:05 pm 

Next voucher !timeforreset

 By 4.6Wizzer 


 23:14 pm 

Quote: 4.5Hotcold on 16:00:19 28-02-2014

Love JOE COOKER! that it the sh%^T bro

 By 4.6Wizzer 


 23:18 pm 

Quote: 4.5Bostonkicker on 08:35:08 02-03-2014
dont know where to write this but why i need tool to nick a car at a gas statioon when the keys are inside????

because who ever made this up never really boosted a car Bro!!and i never walk up on a car to take it with people in it ya feel me??

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