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 By Bramblerose 


 11:41 am 

Gaining casinos this version will be a combination of winning them from Ma, Santorini, Al, Notto, Fung, Ursula and Bramble/ buying them (Obay) and being lucky enough to find one thatís up for sale.

The ones up for sale will be released on several times during the next 2 weeks. We will no announce the time or date. This way everyone has a chance to get one.

I know half of you will disapprove but we canít make everyone happy. (unfortunate)


PS. I wanted to keep this threat open but unfortunate too much negativity ruins it for everyone.

For the ones wondering why we did it this way, simple, in the past when we opened them straight away we got dozens of complaints every single time that this was unfair to the ones that could not be online straight after the reset. That\'s why we \'tried\' to come up with a solution to keep everyone happy.

This version I opened an amount straight away, a few had to be gambled for and there will be a few on Obay. This way everyone had/ has the change to get their hands on a casino.

The votd was just to see what people voted for and yes, 55% voted for the opening straight away but that still means that 45% didn\'t.

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