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Latest News > Number of Fam For Each City

 Number of Fam For Each City   

 By Kiti 


 14:39 pm 

Dear all,

As you know, there are 44 spots available for families to start with, and they were divided like below, let us know, if you guys dont think its enough.

Det 5
Chi 7
Pal 4
Ny 6
Lv 5
Phil 6
Balti 6
Corle 5

Good Games


 By 3.51Pokketi 


 14:55 pm 

not enough ^^

 By 3.51Nickycanuck 


 14:56 pm 

Let you know after my smoke

 By 3.51Mmm 


 15:00 pm 

sounds like a reasonable sum to me

 By 3.51Raven 


 15:04 pm 

More than enough

 By 3.51Tattaglia 


 15:50 pm 



 By 3.51Bayx 


 16:22 pm 

is my family pentagrammmmmmmmmmm ) ++++

 By 3.51Siyah 


 16:27 pm 

det 5 cor 5 great contradiction

 By 3.51Reginald 


 16:47 pm 

way to much 36 is better

 By 3.51Rawls 


 16:48 pm 

Wait... what?
There\'s no problems with donating AND we are allowed to reply?

 By 3.51Hartman 


 17:54 pm 

# of fam and amount of raidspots aren\'t really nicely divided imo.

 By 3.51Zelzele 


 18:44 pm 

not enough

 By 3.51Darling 


 19:05 pm 

more fams please

 By 3.51Bureaucrat 


 0:29 am 

Quote: Reginald on 16:47:14 03-10-2012
way to much 36 is better

yes, because numbers without justfication is where it is at!

seeing how we\'ve had all 44 fams fill up WELL before pure lackey users (like me) hit LC, i defineately wouldn\'t say 44 is too many. a nice thing about having a higher starting number is it increases the number of war possibilities, the game is boring and the version short when you can say with 90% confidence, \"family A is going to fight family B at some point.\"

personally, i\'d like to see the number of fams at 50.

 By 3.51Pokketi 


 0:59 am 

agreed with that, now lets get that fixed up tomorrow morning o/

 By 3.51Soulseek 


 7:25 am 


 By 3.51Stryver 


 11:52 am 

44 fams is more than enough
Both 5 fams in corleone and det
but it is the fams choice right ?

 By 3.51Chibaku 


 14:37 pm 

Quote: Rawls on 16:48:03 03-10-2012
Wait... what?
There\'s no problems with donating AND we are allowed to reply?

Gotta +1 this one

 By 3.52Cut 


 17:11 pm 

10 families for each American city
5 for pal and cor

 By 3.52Elanaconda 


 9:40 am 

Nice job admins, we are now having 69 active families

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