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Latest News > OCP2 #1

 OCP2 #1   

 By 3.51Efisio 


 16:21 pm 

In this news post you can give your suggestion for OCP2. It should not be longer then 3 words and only 1 suggestion per person. Also take a look at the posts already made, perhaps someone else already said the same suggestion as you wanted to do. Only posts on topic allowed, for questions use the general post regarding OCP2.
If you need help making your suggestion 3 words only, or if you want to help other players getting there suggestion to 3 words only you are free to join #OCP2
Suggestions can be added till Sunday 16:00 Omerta Time. *(locked, time to make a list of all your suggestions)*

Note: not all suggestions made will be copy/pasted to the vote some might get combined. For example:
Player A suggests longer jail time
Player B suggests shorter jail time
Then I will combine these suggestions to different jail time. If the option will survive the vote and reach the discussion, it can be discussed.

 By 3.51Ep 


 16:31 pm 

more brothers please

 By 3.51Anomandaris 


 16:33 pm 

more realistic blackjack

 By 3.51Efisio 


 16:35 pm 

Quote: Hsmithhh on 16:19:40 04-10-2012
ranks beyond bruglione

Quote: Notorious on 16:20:08 04-10-2012
Remove the lackeys

Quote: Redhat on 16:21:01 04-10-2012
Texas Hold\'em

Quote: Xalakuz on 16:23:38 04-10-2012
old object system

Quote: Wazza on 16:24:27 04-10-2012
fix b/n lackeys.

 By 3.51Watchurback 


 16:38 pm 

more realistic blackjack +1

 By 3.51Moriii 


 16:40 pm 

bring back shootthebottle

 By 3.51Art 


 16:42 pm 

Ranks for Capos

 By 3.51Zina 


 16:43 pm 

10 mins traveltime

 By 3.51Mad 


 16:46 pm 

less transfers fee

 By 3.51Chief 


 16:47 pm 

Old object distribution!

 By 3.51Barracuda 


 16:47 pm 

Old object distribution!

 By 3.51Amproof 


 16:48 pm 

Less jailtime, and always someone in jail so that busters can always bust people. Like make it just an option to bust people from jail, whether or not there is a real person in there or not.

Edit: please make it 3 words only.

 By 3.51Maddox 


 16:50 pm 

old spot system

 By 3.51Colpa 


 16:50 pm 

possiblity busting lackeys

is like when you are in jail with lackey you get in real jail like John Doe

 By 3.51Cybah 


 16:50 pm 

The 3 word idea :

lost profit counter


casinoowner lost object.
winner of object gets cash he missed and so object gets unlocked for return to original owner.

so make a counter.. when someone wins casino the owner gets a ingame messsage with the profit that should have been payed out to the winner.
he can click a link in the message and so the cash is payed and the system automatically transfers casino back to owner who lost it.

 By 3.51Carter 


 17:01 pm 

Shoot the bottle!

 By 3.51Torture 


 17:03 pm 

Kill all cheaters!

 By 3.51Under 


 17:15 pm 

old headquarter system

 By 3.51Peshmarga 


 17:17 pm 

(button for) Removing detective mails:

After putting 20 dets on a person, u get 20 mails. with a clicklimit it sucks to delete them all 1 by 1...
Or what would be better is: Make it possible to delete unread mails without opening them first. (Y)

 By 3.51Hartman 


 17:22 pm 

remove Tiredness

 By 3.51Yellowflame 


 17:26 pm 

remove tiredness

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