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Latest News > *Sad face*

 *Sad face*   

 By Dontbegmercy 


 12:06 pm 

Hi Gangsters,

We are up again with another contest.This is gonna be about demotivational posters that you can demotivate crew So if you want to demotivate and win good prizes at the end Hurry up!

What you will be needing is to join the contest is a photo edit program and a picture and ofcourse a brilliant idea
Let your imagination work!

You can mail your art to :

There will be prizes for First,Second and Third place and a Special one chosen randomly amongst participiants.

Also there will be 10 lil bag of goodies to be delivered to the participiants.

PS:The same policy of Omerta applies about pictures so you know what kind of pictures you can send.

Bear in mind no flamming,harrasing and absurd content.

Have a great day!

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